Tiwa Savage is a multi-award winning Nigerian music artist. She is seen by many as the biggest female music artist in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Her latest album was listed in the recently published TIME Magazine's top 10 albums of 2020. And that's just one of the many heights she has achieved this year alone. Many others exist.

The 40 year old mother of 1 does not only have a good voice, she also has a great skin. Her music videos has a lot to say about this.

The 'queen of Afrobeats' recently opened up to her fans on how she keeps her skin glowing year after year. This page contains some of the beauty tips she shared in the interview with Essence Magazine. Read on!


Tiwa Savage started the discussion by talking about her love for sunscreens and how she can't do without them.

"I used to think as a black person I don't need sunscreen or sun protection" the music artist said.

"But I was completely wrong. I've found out that using sunscreen everyday keeps my skin young and plump." She continued.

Natural Body Treatments

Going further, the Nigerian music artist highlighted natural body treatments as one of the secrets of her glowing skin.

According to the musician, she prefers traditional Moroccan baths (hammams and scrubs) to any other.

She also listed Ghanaian natural black soap and shea butter as a part her body treatment routines.

In the 'tell-it-all' interview, Tiwa Savage said her skin always feel like butter after each natural body treatment.

Lots Of Water

Another practice Tiwa Savage said has helped her skin a lot, is the drinking of lots of water.

Of course, water has been proven to be very vital to overall skin health. According to experts, it helps in the production of collagen, which determines how your skin looks.

Inner Beauty And Attitude

Speaking on the most important thing that makes her so beautiful, Tiwa Savage said it's beyond what people see with their physical eyes.

In her own words, "real beauty comes from within. It's what your heart is made up of. When you feel beautiful on the inside, people tend to see it manifest on the outside."

Capping it up, the "number 1 African bad girl" as she is fondly called said, "real beauty is also about how you treat people. How you make them feel. That's my definition of beauty."

In Summary

Nigeria's leading female musician, Tiwa Savage, is of those celebrities whose beauty readily catches the eye.

Whether from a distance or close-by, her skin glows like diamond.

Many of her fans have taken to her social media pages to get her to disclose her beauty routines for many years now.

In a recent interview with Essence Magazine, the queen of Afrobeats finally made out time to reveal her beauty secrets. According to the Nigerian artist, the tips shared in this guide are what has kept her skin going.

If you would love to have a skin that shines like hers, you should pay a little more attention on these beautiful tips here.