MultiTag is a universal tag or piece of code that publishers can place on their site.

MultiTag is a multipurpose tag that contains all ad formats at once for easier integration,

balanced settings and optimized rates for a maximum profit.

How Does MultiTag Work?

MultiTag works like an auto-optimization tool for publishers because it automatically picks the

most suitable and profitable ad format for a specific website.

This doesn't mean visitors to your site will see random ads.

It is also designed to ensure that publishers get high CPM rates while providing a better experience

for users that view their content.

MultiTag works with three Ad Formats:

  • OnClick (Popunder)
  • Native Banner (Interstitial)
  • In-Page Push

MultiTag Saves you the stress of getting three different ads code by providing a multipurpose tag which

contains three different ads code in one click "MULTI".

How To Insert MultiTag To Your Site

The process of getting MultiTag Looks like this in your account:

1. Choose MultiTag Zone:

2. Name the tag (you can create your own name or use the default name).

3. Copy the code and insert it into your site's source code (below the <body> tag).

4. The 3 ad format will be available on your website.

Using MultiTag on my site as a publisher for just a day, generating revenue has become more easier and more reliable.

Users to my site have a great experience navigating in the site, which gives the user a great time when accessing my site.

How Does MultiTag Look Like?

I've put together some screenshots of how the same campaign looks like with different ad formats on it.

OnClick (Popunder)

In-Page Push

Native Banner (Interstitial) 

Statistics to show for MultiTag format

Here are some statistics results using MultiTag for just 30mins

Native banner

In-Page Push


Results Without MultiTag And With MultiTag

Here are some screenshots I have compiled to show the MultiTag CPM and Profit results to know if its worth it or not.

Without MultiTag

Using Direct Link format to monetize my site, Profits and CPM was poor, resulting in  low revenue

With MultiTag

Using the all new MultiTag ad format to monetize my site, CPM has been steady and revenue is good. Despite the low impression, the MultiTag converts the low impression to high profit, making it easy for publishers.

Is it worth it or not?

Monetization process became a lot easier for publishers with the new MultiTag ad format, where you can create 3 tags of different ad format with just a click.

All the 3 ad format works perfectly together and give you an opportunity to generate the highest possible revenue while ensuring a great experience for users.

It is very worth it and preferable to use MultiTag ad format.