In Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, a movie tailored in 2010 from the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel collection, the titular character’s hat serves as a safety blanket of types. The lovesick protagonist recollects a earlier dangerous haircut, simply moments earlier than having his coronary heart damaged. For Scott Pilgrim, a hat is a software for forgetting, or maybe a misguided try at addressing the previous. Within the movie, director Edgar Wright makes use of bounce cuts: For a second, our protagonist’s shaggy hair graces the display, just for the hat to return within the blink of a watch. Insecurities perform this fashion, rearing their ugly head with out warning or concern for aesthetic continuity.

Scott Pilgrim’s hat, a floppy winter cap appropriate for a meme on Hipster Runoff, jogs my memory of the hats I’d put on as a child. As a large-for-his-age baby, I sought methods to go unnoticed, and a winter cap made for the right clandestine armor. In quarantine, as males bereft of the companies of barbers took to sporting hats indoors, they had been adopting a protracted apply of mine. Garments, in any case, are a type of armor, a protect from the psychic trauma of on a regular basis life: The Carhartt sweatshirt whose hood engulfs and hides—offering cowl from recognition in addition to house for introspection. The outsized t-shirt, a universe unto itself. Different clothes present a protect that exists totally internally. In a GQ article in regards to the phenomenon, one respondent described his hat-wearing as a software for self-confidence, which is one other perform of armor.

Right now, uncertainty abounds. The methods we dwell and work appear to be in everlasting flux, and once-salient concepts about what makes life worthwhile have all come into query. It’s as necessary as ever to anchor within the self, with self-confidence as a software for battle—which today, is endless.

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