It is just October and already
the snow is falling. I watch it
change path with the wind.
Left. Then proper, as if in search of,
like I've been in search of, ever since
I got here to this land-locked place, a physique
of water, disoriented as I'm
by the everywhereness of roads.
I used to be raised on kelp and salt water,
raised to sink my brown toes into
the moist sand, damming every
delicate sand crab river. After all, 

they'd come up for air wailing
their white exoskeletons at me, these
creatures who taught me to burrow,
to retract my appendages when threatened
and change into shell. Taught me to nonetheless
my woman physique, to let the water spill ‘spherical
my ashy legs. This, solely after I ended
operating from the water’s edge. After
I understood the waves wouldn't
proceed their chase—that some
mom had her hand on the ocean’s collar
too—was I in a position to chill out with my very own:

The 2 of us, mom and daughter,
resting our brown and white collectively
below the solar like Eucalyptus bark, multi-
coloured and choked up by the ocean.
I used to be mesmerized by how keen her pores and skin
was to go away her. Would make a recreation
of it. Peeling layers of useless from her
physique within the largest items I might handle.
She’d snicker, shrug her shoulders out
of my curious fingers, why don’t you go
catch sand crabs or construct a fortress or one thing?
Nevertheless it was the nearness of her that mattered
as I sat prying a fortress from her physique
one translucent layer at a time.